Meerash Services


Meerash simplifies the pain of developing custom strategy by acting as a centralized one-point solution to interact, rather than approach various advisors individually.

International outreach yet local presence, and with tailored approach, Meerash believes in offering its clients a better strategic fitment even under dynamically changing requirements. Deal sourcing is done fully based on requirements, unlike offerings from a set database. 

The breadth of services range right from deal sourcing to post merger integration covering the end-to-end M&A cycle and being with clients for value and synergy maximisation.


  • Mergers & Acquisitions (Buy & Sell Side). 
  • Investments, Divestments & Deal Origination
  • Tailored Deal Sourcing per Strategic Fitments.
  • Capital Needs Marketing
  • Business Advisory, Deal Structuring & Monitoring.
  • International Joint Ventures, Partnerships and Market Entry Strategies
  • Upcoming Market Opportunities- India (Inbound & Outbound Investments & GTM Strategies)
  • Post Merger Integration | Program, Project & Change Management
  • Enterprise Benefits Management | Digitalization