About Meerash


Catalyzing global business aspirations and value maximization.


Inspired by our vision, Meerash’s mission is to act as a valuable partner to its clients embarking in their journey for venturing into new markets/sectors. Meerash is committed to simplify and solve some of the most complex areas pertaining to global aspiration of its clients – be it first footprint outside their core business area, a seasoned expansion or a planned global scale up. 

Through its market exploration expertise, wide international know-how, network and use of latest tools, technologies Meerash aims to accelerate the growth opportunities for its clients.


Headquartered in the heart of London, Meerash is an international boutique advisory firm delivering business advisory, deal sourcing, M&A transactions, merger integration and other associated services. Meerash provides tailored advice by leveraging on its vast network of connections in the Private Equity/Venture Capital investors, business brokers, M&A advisers, lawyers, tax experts, accountants and other intermediaries from 20+ countries. 

Meerash brings some of the biggest deal-sourcing platforms and geographically spread out partnered advisors to the offering, who bring in substantial industry experiences across various sectors. Currently, Meerash is a member of various closed network groups, registered with several platforms and has ongoing partnerships with advisory firms from US, UK, Germany, Greece, Croatia, Italy, Portugal, China, Vietnam with more partnerships underway. 

Offering a wide range of business advisory and consulting services, Meerash focuses on: 

working on the buy or on the sell side and sourcing deals globally through long standing relationships with investors, LPs, corporates and SMBs

offering solutions encompassing entire M&A lifecycle from pre-deal phases (like deal sourcing, translations & negotiations, structuring) to post deal phases (like 100-day planning, post-merger integration) 

providing general business advisory and enterprise consulting services

assisting with onboarding of other transactional & ancillary service providers.